Last Thursday, March 10, we organised a talk in Marbella for the members and friends of DOM3, the Association of Entrepreneurs for High-Quality Housing.

After supporting the first edition of the 2014 DOM3 Prize for Architecture and witnessing its international success, we have once again joined its second edition as Silver Sponsors for the second year.

In this talk-colloquium, entitled “Innovation in Engineering and Design: obstacles, risks and tricks“, we wanted to offer our personal vision on innovation applied to any field, but with particular emphasis on the construction sector.

Our main objective was to convey to all attendees the need to innovate and be creative to always be at the forefront of our sector. Sometimes we encounter obstacles (such as fatigue, haste, the environment, customs) and many risks that stop our desire to innovate. These risks, in our experience, are the tensions in the work environment, the loss of the current position and the economic and technical risks, and they are the ones that prevent us from moving forward.

However, despite preventing the obstacles that we find in innovation, we also share our “tricks” with the attendees. Tricks that, according to our experience, have worked best for us when it comes to innovating.

We also presented an example of this innovation the importance of looking at other sectors as inspiration. One of our most recent projects, the “Convertible Terrace“, which we will discuss later in this blog, came from this sort of inspiration.

We want to thank the DOM3 association and especially its president, Laura Pou, for her invitation to give this talk and for her effort so that everything went well.

Thanks to El Campanario, the place where the talk was held, mainly to Karolina Tarnauskaite, was for her professionalism and kindness. Thanks to Forever and Events for helping us leave a mark on attendees with precious detail. Thanks also to Roberto Cano, from El Señor de los Videos and One2One Marketing, to put the technical means and make everything go perfectly.