If the elegance of discretion had its own name, that would be his: David, David Güell Pinilla. Those who know him say that he faces mechanical challenges with the same sense of humour he faces life. It amazes everyone to see how he falls in love with things well done, with their details.

If you asked him what his talent is, he would laugh before answering you with confidence and humility that his talent is the mechanical intuition that he believes he has had since he was a child. In addition, he will tell you how since he was little, sitting at the feet of his mother in the kitchen, he was fascinated by the mechanics behind those toys that cultivated his imagination and aroused his interest in design. That’s where Birkigt started, in the kitchen of his childhood, but he didn’t know it yet.

I want to design something, whatever it is, but have the best design in its category“, that’s the phrase that sums up what his fellow students remember about him. Yet, even then, he knew that this excellence in detail that he longed for would be the result of the sum of his patience, perseverance, work and, of course, fellow colleagues.

David knows how to relativise the obstacles that life presents him. “It has been 25 years now with one foot in the industry and the other in construction,” he has been heard to say. “This time offers you a perspective from which many opportunities are seen.” So is he. Honest and optimistic.

People who have worked with David describe him as extroverted in short distances, analytical in his ways, and a remarkable ability to focus on what is important when he has many open fronts. If you ask him, he would add that the challenge of finding imaginative solutions is what attracts him to new projects. “I love conceptual design because it allows me to apply disruptive thinking“, he has shared in meetings.

David defines himself professionally as a specialist in mechanical product design applied to construction and architecture. And his workmates emphasise that he is someone with whom it is effortless to work because he can fall in love with the good ideas of others with the same enthusiasm as if they were his.

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