The world changes rapidly.

You, being the same, also change. And your house too.

You have your eyes set on the future, enjoying the present.

You daydream, looking at infinity. Nothing stops you.

Innovation is part of both your essence and ours.

We believe that nothing should come between your present and your future.

Dreams are dreams. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

Therefore, our Sky Gate roof design adjusts to you, to your vision of life, and to your dreams.


Sky Gate is a high-performance roof for different types of rooms. The main advantage is that provides the space, your space, with thermic and acoustic insulation and it can be opened and closed at will. Making the sky your limit.


The world changes rapidly.

Engineering adapted to your home changes quickly.

And our Sky Gate, its design, will adapt to those changes with you.

Because for us, as for you, the sky is the limit.