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Everything you should know about David

If the elegance of discretion had its own name, that would be his: David, David Güell Pinilla. Those who know him say that he faces mechanical challenges with the same sense of humour he faces life. It amazes everyone to see how he falls in love with things well done, with their details. If you […]

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What everyone should know about Santi

“Having a field to run is the best motivation“, whether it is sketching a new product or willing to cover dozens of kilometres on his bike. Santi Azor knows from experience that even detailed work can be improved in the future. This is what defines his professional character. He likes to think that some of […]

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Meeting David Güell

Let’s meet David Güell Who is David Güell as a professional? The truth is that it would take me less to define Santiago than to describe myself. About myself, what I can say is that I am lucky that I like my work. That allows me to combine much dedication with little sacrifice. I get […]

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Interview with Santiago Azor

Let’s meet Santiago Azor. Who is Santiago Azor as a professional? Someone who is passionate about his work and always seeks excellence above any other approach. With its advantages and disadvantages. I am true to my style, and I recognize that this is not always advantageous in all aspects, but it loses the beauty of […]

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We start 2015 with an office in Poland

Poland is experiencing rapid growth in recent years, and the premium housing sector there is expanding. Many young architects with international recognition work in this country and can use Poland as a platform to expand to other Central European countries. For this journey in Poland, we collaborate with Bartosz Skrętny, an engineer we trust and […]

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How it all began by David Güell

My love for technology in general and mechanics, in particular, led me to undertake the construction of small “inventions” when I was a teenager. Shortly after, I realised the convenience of professionalising the matter a bit if I didn’t want to cause victims … That is why I decided to study Industrial Engineering with a […]

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How it all started by Santiago Azor

David and I have known each other for many years. Specifically, everything started in the distant 2001 (that of the space odyssey). At that time, David worked as an R&D engineer in a well-known Spanish formwork and scaffolding company. I was a signing from the mobile telephone industry world, where I helped develop the first […]

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