Having a field to run is the best motivation“, whether it is sketching a new product or willing to cover dozens of kilometres on his bike. Santi Azor knows from experience that even detailed work can be improved in the future. This is what defines his professional character. He likes to think that some of his designs will last over time because of the beauty of their execution and the finesse of their operation. With this change, the paradigm in some aspect, “that what has been done becomes different thanks to my effort.

He is consistently winning the game even with bad cards and delighting his guests with a good feast with few ingredients in the fridge. Skills that he also demonstrates in the office. Santi is one of those people capable of finding an ingenious solution to technical and urgent problems. The maxim of “less is more” marks his day today. “I have the ability to apply wittiness before ‘getting to work’ and see if I can achieve the same with less effort. I prefer thinking to do,” he says, imitating the voice of a Brazilian footballer. Imitations, another of his skills. What makes him an enjoyable travel companion in times of professional tension and stress.

You wouldn’t believe it after hearing him talk about innovation in front of a group of architects. Still, he considers himself shy around strangers at close range. He would clarify with a laugh: “Those who know me well consider me shy, and acquaintances believe that I dedicate myself to giving talks on TEDTalk.” We invite you to judge for yourselves in this video.

When you ask him how he would like to be remembered, he smiles, saying: “I would like to be an example of good design with few resources. I would love that.” His weakness lies in his love for the beautiful and well done. He likes the simple and functional design he has embodied in many of Birkigt’s products, such as the window shutters, for exteriors, PLISAT.7

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