Gradient Panel System

We are pleased to present our new Gradient Panel System: a solution for those seeking a system with independent movement to cover windows and regulate the amount of light that enters one’s property. It is also an excellent solution for those seeking privacy.

The Gradient Panel System is a lively system with various attractive features ranging from aesthetics to ecology and privacy.

The part of the facade we supply comprises panels measuring approximately one metre in width and floor-to-ceiling height. They are made of an aluminium support structure that is coated on both sides.

On the exterior of the home, the panels are covered in the same material as the rest of the facade (in the video presented here, they are covered in Corian).

Their interiors are coated with a special reflective aluminium (Alucobond).

The panels are motorised and each can move independently of the others, boasting a central axis pivot. Each panel is able to move up to 360º. This is a great advantage that allows homeowners to create different ambiences in the home, ‘playing’ with the amount of light that enters each and every space.

The system offers the following modes:

  • Closed: All the panels are in line with the facade. This way, they block the rays of sun from entering the home and lend the home greater privacy.
  • Open: All panels are perpendicular to the facade.
  • Direct Sun: The panels align with the incidence of the sun’s rays to enable the maximum entry of light (with automatic monitoring).
  • Shade: The panel rotates, following the sun, stopping direct light from entering, and providing a view to the exterior.
  • Reflection: This mode allows users to redirect sunlight towards the interiors, which can be especially useful on days when the sun is low.
  • User’s Preference: The user selects the rotational angle to adjust the amount of light, choose their preferred view, or opt for greater privacy.
  • ‘Welcome’: This mode creates a wave-like movement, as can be seen on the video.

The motor torques are limited to a safe value to avoid entrapment accidents.

The system is controlled through a wall unit that can be affixed to any wall in the home. Mode selection is carried out on a touchscreen. As an optional feature, the system can be controlled from a smartphone, through a dedicated app.

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