The Convertible Terrace

The Convertible Terrace is one of our most innovative products. It plays a most important role: that of covering and uncovering spaces in a terrace. It is an automatic cover that is integrated into the building when open.

This model is the brainchild of architect Hugo Torrico, created for the “El Batatal” property. The aim was to use a cover that could be completely closed (rather than awnings) in order to increase the apartment space.

The dimension of the covers was large (9×3 m) and they had to be as discreet (i.e. as thin) as possible. We therefore used an ‘aeroplane wing’ structure, which allows for large span with contained thickness. We also included a rail-free guiding system for a cleaner look.

Another big challenge posed by this project was the need to achieve a snow-and wind-resistant structure. It is a solution with a host of attractive structural features, which boasts and excellent thickness-weight-resistance ratio.

Advantages of the Convertible Terrace:

1. Minimal aesthetic impact: because they are integrated into the structure of the edifice

2. Resistance to rain: they are efficiently protected against rain and have a sloped drainage system. Moreover, we have eliminated elastic joints and perishable draught excluders.

3. Thermal protection against solar rays: The product boasts powerful thermal insulation, made possible by an air chamber structure, which allows for natural convection and stops the accumulation of heat.

4. Guaranteed safety for clients: It boasts direct drive technology and can be integrated with domotic systems

5. Flexible implementation: It uses twin motor with planetary gears, with integrated electronic management

6. Durability and low maintenance: It is highly efficient at keeping corrosion at bay thanks to a hot-dip galvanized coating

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