Okiennice zewnętrzne, PLISAT


Our PLISAT aims to provide the installation of your window shutters, for exteriors, with a touch of design on the engineering side of it.

We could give you many technical details, but let’s leave this for your architect! We’d like to share with you what matters to you: its integration with your home system, the seamless security lock hidden into the hinge and, in the unluckily even of power failure, its manual start system.

We, like you, also believe that excellence is in every single detail. Still interested in finding out more. Keep scrolling down.

- All vertical joints have the same width.
- The horizontal joints are equal to each other but not necessarily identical to the vertical ones, which does not affect how it looks.

- Seamless integration of the hinge.
- Customise finish material (from wood to micro cement, pick your favourite one).

- No cables, pulleys or visible motors. Only the shutter and minimalist guides (upper and lower ones) are visible — nothing else.
- High opening and closing speed, with soft start and stop movements.

- 90 cm panel width
- 14 cm thick
- 2 cm vertical joints

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